Alternatives Fail to Meet Water Needs

Proposed alternatives to the Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) consistently fail to meet Washington County’s future water needs. A Boulder, Colorado-based environmental group recently published the Local Waters Alternative 2.0.

Similar to a previous version, this proposal:

  • Represents a crucial misunderstanding of the Virgin River system.
  • Fails to acknowledge conservation measures are already being implemented or planned in Washington County.
  • Does not quantify the costs and the environmental implications of implementing the proposal.
  • Falsely claims that Utah’s use of the Colorado River would compromise the ability of others to use their Colorado River allocations.

Extensive study and analysis have shown that the LPP is the best way to bring a critical second source of water to Washington County. It is the only option that provides flexibility to adapt to climate change while meeting the demands of projected growth.

The LPP would:

  • Help us manage the risks caused by drought and climate change on the Virgin River basin.
  • Properly balance environmental considerations with water needs.
  • Allow agricultural conversion to occur organically.
  • Avoid costly and technically difficult water treatment strategies.

It remains the most reasonable, cost effective and environmentally sustainable way to meet the needs of southern Utah.

Read the full response to Local Waters Alternative 2.0 below:

LWA Response

LWA 2.0 Response 10-2021