Increased Water Reliability

Most southern Utahns depend exclusively on a single river basin to supply water.  If water quality or quantity problems arise within the Virgin River basin, it places local communities at great risk.  The LPP introduces one of the state’s most reliable water sources – the Colorado River – into the region, helping to ensure uninterrupted water delivery to homes and businesses now and in the future.

Drought Protection

Southern Utah has experienced 12 years of drought during the last two decades.  The LPP will provide additional water supplies and storage to protect against future droughts.

Economic Vitality

Forbes ranks Utah as one of the best states for business. The availability of a reliable water supply is critical to sustaining the economy and supporting a diverse base of employers to southern Utah.  The LPP is expected to support more than 90,000 jobs and 8,000-plus Utah businesses.

Water for Generations

We all benefit from the planning done by previous generations for the water we use today; future generations depend on us to plan wisely.  The majority of future residents will be current residents’ children and grandchildren who choose to remain in the area to raise their families.  These residents will require water for economic vitality, jobs and to sustain their quality of life

 Benefits to River Flow

The water right for the LPP comes from the Green River, part of the Colorado River system.  LPP participants are working with the Bureau of Reclamation to preserve water flows in the Green River. Instead of taking water for the LPP from the Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir, water will flow downstream to Lake Powell, which will benefit the watershed and endangered fish in the reaches below Flaming Gorge.